The movie experience I can’t forget

24 Jul

Inspired by this

It was a balmy day in 1989 when my family took me to the local cinema. I was of the age where memory starts to subtly form but nothing is yet put to stone.  My mom and uncle  made it a special point to take me to the movies because they were excited about seeing this new movie.

“What movie is it?” I asked.

“Back to the future 2.”

During that time we lived in a studio apartment shared with 6 people, 5 of which were family and the other one was a roommate.  Our apartment had shag carpeting in the color of urine and at the age of 7 I shared a fold-out couch with my mother.  She was an avid reader who read to me often, and because of that I was familiar with the basics of stories.

The film started and I was completely unprepared.  What followed was a madcap time travelling movie elevated by Alan Silvestri’s frantic soundtrack.  It was a story about a possible future, parallel alternate dimensions, doubles, paradoxes.  To be quite honest I don’t remember what the audience’s reaction to the movie was because they melted away. The only thing existing at that moment was Marty and Doc Brown and me.

Then the movie ended and we walked out of the theater.  I remember that this movie spawned my first complex inner thoughts. There was a conversation occurring in my mind where previously there were only simple observations.  When my uncle said he didn’t understand a certain portion of the film I jumped at the chance to explain the finer points of alternate dimensions.

“I want to see the first one.” I told my mother.

And that night, in our poor little overpopulated apartment in Inglewood, California, my family and our one roommate had a screening of Back to the Future 1.   Our troubles and our poverty melted away for a wonderful 2 hours as my mind unfolded into wondrous complexity.


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