Vote, huh?

1 Nov

It always makes me wonder why people stress “go vote” over “how to vote” as if we all knew or understood, as if that knowledge was implicit or straightforward.

A friend of a friend very honestly asked over Facebook:

I can’t remember if I’ve registered to vote at my new address. My driver’s license has my correct address on it. How do I find out if I’m registered?

My google-fu is strong but even I wasn’t fast enough to come up with the answer before another friend replied.

Go to

And its as simple as that, if you can vote then google “[your state] ballot sample.”  If you’re a New Yorker then you can find a sample ballot here:

When I went there last the site was down.  Finding the damned sample ballot with all of the local candidates was a test in patience.  It’s sad how many backwater websites I had to stumble through with broken code in order to find the minimal amount of information, and even on the vote-ny site only the Democratic candidates had responses, the Republicans had no responses to any stances listed.

I sometimes think this disorganization is on purpose.  I suggest not voting down party line unless you’ve researched each of the candidates and found that you agree with most of them.

I’ve provided the means to tomorrow’s election, if there are clearer instructions then let me know and I can share on twitter and facebook.


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