A History of Poo Flicking

8 Nov

I find the above video clip from Louie a little disingenuous, which is surprising to me because the show tends to lean a little more into the genuine territory, for the most part, a lot of episodes are sad to the point of frustration, but it’s entertaining nonetheless.

The advice to “use the word ‘faggot’ and get your laughs,” is really only half the story and maybe less than what the Louie character needed to hear.

You see, something remarkable happens between ALL of us at a certain time in our lives that’s considered an unannounced pact of sorts; we all learn to identify “crazy” and learn to not take “crazies” seriously.  On a base level crazy is a man on a subway car in NYC wearing no pants and ranting about nothing.  When that happens to you look at the other passengers and you will notice they all shift uncomfortably, the subway car has deemed the man crazy and the people do their best in fighting off the crazy as best and dismissively they can.

Now people like Louie and his friends who go on a stage to make people laugh are already considered to be on the lunatic fringe on the basis of their job, although we recognize their talents we only place them a few notches above the pants-less man on the subway.

Do you think the President and his cabinet sit around wondering whether he should say “faggot” in his speech or cut it out at the risk of offending someone?  No, because they are important people with important things to say and we’d like to think they aren’t crazy.  Louie’s friends are more like bonobo monkeys discussing whether or not they should continue flinging their own feces on any particular day because humans might get offended, “nah man continue to fling shit! Get your laughs, just know how people feel with shit on their face.”

Note the difference between Chris Rock and Jon Stewart.  Jon is continuously lauded as a game-changing man who has important things to say, meanwhile Chris Rock is a crazy comedian.  I think Chris Rock is funnier than Jon Stewart, but I’m not listening to Chris Rock for political and media news because that man loves saying the N-word on stage and that makes him fucking crazy. You can see a funny guy call everyone names on stage then go home and dismiss him as crazy.

Here’s the problem; Louis CK the comedian doesn’t call anyone a faggot/nigger/ etc. on his show.  In all the episodes I’ve watched (and granted I have like 5 more to go, so there could be a special surprise) I have not seen him ONCE carry on and besmirch a group, and it’s because the show, as written, wants to be about something important, something “not crazy” like a pantsless man.

In short, I think it’s good that GLAAD called out Ron Howard for his use of a gay joke, primarily because his movies suck. That man has a history of weirdness with gay people, did you see A Beautiful Mind? Ron hid John Nash’s bisexuality. And then Ron made The Grinch Who Stole Christmas which had nothing to do with gay people but it was just fucking bad.

If Stanley Kubrick opened up a trailer of a new movie with a gay joke then I’d say “hold on, let’s see where he’s going, he hasn’t had a history of calling people names or flinging poo at us, so maybe he has a good point.”  Ron Howard has a history of poo flicking and we should be wary that he has gone crazy at any moment and we should be there to rein him in.

It’s hard to accuse bigotry, but it’s easy to see crazy, and I salute the brave men and women out their who have made it there life’s work to be our poo face-shield.


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