All Men Created Equal

29 Nov

You know I didn’t realize that there was recorded audio of men recalling being slaves during the civil war.  I was even more surprised to see that there was footage of old men in the 1930’s who were the being recognized by the president for fighting in the civil war.

Allow me a broad layman term, but the civil war happened YESTERDAY in the great scope of history. There are mere generations that separate us from the now to the then, and the people touched by that war were alive not too long ago.  The spirit of that time that happened YESTERDAY is the same spirit that runs our lives today. I should mention now that I was watching the Ken Burns documentary The Civil War, and I smiled when I heard that the south called Lincoln a devil, and named regiments in honor of his death, because we still do this to our politicians.

You think America has gone to hell with hyperbole and over-the-top rhetoric? Well I’d argue that sensibility was never there, America was full of shit-throwing big talkers as well as know-it-all common men who said big smart things in big smart ways.  The location of the first battle between the north and the south was bought up by landgrabbers to turn into a tourist trap, this happened 2 days after everybody dragged their bloody carcasses from there, all of that sounds deathly familiar and I’m surprised that the World Trade Center wasn’t turned into…oh wait a moment.

I think to understand America you have to understand that we NEVER made a damn lick of sense.  You might remember Frederick Douglas as a wise ex-slave who said big smart things, but even Frederick Douglas was like “did you hear about John Brown? That fucker was  crazy.  He went around killing pro-slavery people. I wouldn’t do that, and I’m black!”

Abraham Lincoln really believed that all men are created equal, and people wanted him dead for believing that literally, so he lifted Habeas Corpus and thought about jailing a supreme court justice, does this seem like a rational man? Nay fool, that was a goddamn American!

Watch Ken Burns: The Civil War on Netflix or just youtube it.


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