29 Jan

You’ve no doubt heard the big news that Egypt’s government effectively shut down the internet. Citing a lack of pornography the citizens of Egypt are launching a bloody revolution, defying curfew, and destroying buildings and looting. Regardless of whether you view the upheaval as an inspiring tale you can use to threaten the wealthy in domestic shores, or whether you view it as anarchy with no clear resolution, you will all be surely interested in the top 5 things I hate about Egypt that I’ll write about because their internet is down and they won’t be able to read this:

#5: The Opening to Mannequin

The film might have captivated me as an impressionable youth, but the opening never looked right to me. The acting is hammy and the animation is cheap. This is easily the weakest part of this classic 80’s film starring Andrew McCarthy and Samantha Jones.

#4: Mumra!

How terrifying is that?  While he is a formidable foe to the Thundercat, I despised Mumra because I never received him as an action figure.  My He-Man toy was hopelessly locked in battle with my Liono toy despite the fact that Liono dwarfed He-Man by a good 4 inches.

#3 The Mummy Films

I blame Egypt for the bizarre resurgence of Brendan Fraser in the mid 2000’s.  The Mummy films were home to stupid actors, crap CG effects, and horrible sequels.

#2 Sand

It confuses me.  There was sand in the playgrounds of my youth and one of my earliest memories is chewing on sand in my mouth, the tiny rock granules grinding in my molars.  It tasted salty.

#1 Moral Ambiguity of A Revolution

It seems like no one has any idea what is actually happening in Egypt.  It was reported that looters messed around with some mummies, and other sites are reporting human civilian chains were formed to prevent looting and violence.  My gut tells me that I should be rooting for the Egyptian people, but my brain tells me that I’m not so sure I like them.


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