I hate facebook

21 Apr

My relationship with facebook ended when my real relationship began.  With a mouse scroll and a click I changed my status to “In a relationship” and after that my fascination with the site started to wane.  

It wasn’t for a lack of interest in social networking because my twitter became my obsession. Maybe it was because my dance card was full?  I didn’t need any time taken up posting on facebook because I had my boyfriend’s attention.  It’s also possible that I started to feel that facebook wasn’t enough to keep up with my friends who I hadn’t seen in a while, the wall to wall missed conversations were barely better than gchatting, and even less than an actual visit.

I think the real reason for my dislike is that I started to notice that facebook was becoming a humorless place as opposed to twitter.  The bronx zoo cobra escapes from the zoo and immediately opens up a twitter account, meanwhile some company (including my own) is asking people to “like” a page for marketing reasons.  My followers are more treasured than my “facebook friends” who only added me out of recognition but probably secretly hate reading all my updates.  I think a lot of the twitter retweets and replies were generally wittier and funnier than most of the stuff I saw on facebook.

Facebook is still a great and valuable marketing tool, but it isn’t for my personal life.  Twitter is my only social networking love now.  Margaret Atwood and Ebert send out messages, I can yell at companies and they’ll respond, and I can search for local news and trends, it’s like Facebook for grownups (I hope).

2 Responses to “I hate facebook”

  1. SF April 26, 2011 at 2:01 pm #

    Eloquent. My sentiments. And thanks for clueing me into the Bronx Zoo Cobra’s account. It is definitely funnier than anything I’ve read on Facebook in awhile.

    • Kevin J. May 2, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

      Holler! If I can convert one of you then my job is done.

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