Don’t go to McDonald’s

25 Apr

A gay guy, a trans woman, and a father walk into a McDonalds.  The gay guy gets beaten, the trans woman gets beaten until she has a seizure, and the dad gets shot and killed while trying to break up a fight.  

I am as full of self-righteous anger as the next person and I think that every noble person whether they are trans, gay, or a father, should have every right to go anywhere they want unafraid of getting killed, but we should probably stay out of McDonalds anyway.

The final vestiges of brutal intolerance have chosen McDonalds as their last stand..and let them have it.  We’re all better than McDonalds even if they offer 99 cent ATM service and coffee that’s barely better than Starbucks.  McDonalds is beneath us and so who cares if we’re not wanted there? It’s like the retarded version of 2010 Odyssey Two. All of these restaurant bathrooms are yours, except McDonalds, do not attempt any poops there. 

McD’s hasn’t issued any sort of statement on the violence and it’s because they know their audience. McD’s fired one person and has remained mum, they’re only interested in stuffing your face full of worm food and hiring the poorest most uneducated people for the cheapest of labors, and we’re better than that. Consider this a boycott with no ultimatum, an honorable show of solidarity that we are beyond $1 dollar menus and the scum of the earth. 

Say no to McDonalds and their brand of swill.  I used to eat there every Friday when I was a kid and I was a damned mess. I saw who hung out there; it was the poor kids who took Math and English courses 4 times and they had a horrible hood rat girlfriend with hoop earrings who had sex with half of the neighborhood and he only put up with her because it was free sex when he really wanted Jennifer Lopez or some white girl he saw on TV from the cable him and his abusive mom stole and that they watched 24/7 because the kid was never taught to read and thought the entire world was whatever 10 block radius hell hole he lived in surrounded by drugs and a warped view on manhood caused because he had no daddy and no uncles who gave a damn about him so he took out his rage on innocent animals and then laughed when he saw someone get his face punched in.

Let them eat cheeseburger.


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