Top 3 Reasons Why You’ll Hear the Word “Fag” on XBOX Live

28 Jun


Here’s the most top voted definition of “faggot” in the urban dictionary. 

“In these times not really used if somebody is really a homosexual mostly used insteap [ed. note: sigh] of calling somebody stupid or a loser.”

I’ve heard that the word “fag” is evolving to the above definition, but it’s horse shit.  Here are the 3 actual reasons why you’ll hear the word “fag” in an online game.

1)  Something horrible has happened to a completely shit player that costs them a life or something equally depressing.  Said player lashes out at said character (sometimes it’s an inanimate object) and hurls at them the most vicious insult they can muster.  “Fucking stupid spikes on the floor. Fucking FAGGOT SPIKES!”  My suspicion is that 49% of the people are thinking of homosexuals when they say this, and the other 51% just internalized the word to mean “horrible insult” because they heard their big brother calling them that when they caught him beating off to a Penthouse Magazine.

2)  A player has failed another player, they are usually teammates who are equally as sucky. “Why didn’t you cover you? Now I’m dead.  Stop laughing fag!”  I think most defenders of the use of the word come from this group.  They’ve been friends forever and they’re like brothers, brothers who call each other fag.

3) Someone is referring to homosexuals.  “Hey there room.  Hey fags!  Any fags here?  I’m 13, and fuck you guys with no mics.  Oh I hear a deep voice? Is that a nigger? Hi nigger!”  

The only people who are evolving the word “fag” are sucky video game players.  I read some video game websites and I’m sick of this non-debate.  It’s literally horrible video game players trying to act like English majors. 

Whenever you hear someone defending the word then DEMAND to see their gamerscore. I can speak with authority as a valuable asset to any deathmatch team.


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