How Does A Young Homosex Feel In A City That Has Made It Legal To Marry One of the Same Sex?

5 Jul

This blog’s title is a question I heard about quite a bit from some news outlets.  It was mostly a hypothetical one used to open up an article about the news, but I figured I’d devote this space to my feelings.

First of all. I didn’t feel elation at the news.  It felt like f your son was a C student and he finally got an A. “Awesome! Can you do that again and more frequently?”  People had a literal ticker tape parade following it, but I feel that New York should really know better, so sue me for having a higher standard for my adopted city.   I moved away from Los Angeles because it’s a bullshit place with bullshit legislation.  New York has a liberal attitude with a hard ass spirit, and I expect a lot of fairness from it.

Secondly, do I now feel pressure to marry?  Well no, not really, and it’s probably because I’m not in a Charlotte Bronte novel.   I think fewer people my age feel the same pressure as was felt generations ago regarding marriage.  My attitude is more generational I suppose.

Thirdly, do I see marriage in my future? I think so yes.  I did my research too.  Marital status gives people some great benefits, but if I were to get married I could only file joint taxes on a state level and I’d have to file as a single person on a federal level because of DOMA which Obama says he refuses to defend, but then says that marriage is a state issue…

Motherfucker, if marriage is a state issue then why would I be paying more federal dollars?  Poop or get off the pot here.

Fourthly final words.  The marriage issue is important mostly to old people. VERY old people who’ve been together for centuries and they now get a slice of the pie. One day we’ll all be old and we’ll have our own demands for respect, it’s not a bad idea to offer the same thing to our elders now.


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