Get the fuck out of London

9 Aug
It’s bitter cynicism and hopelessness that causes a population to turn violent on their surroundings.  

The LA riots and the London riots aren’t about one political message because there isn’t any.  Asking a rioter why they riot is like asking a lion why they kill.  I think a population is shaped by their surroundings to be a violent and cruel animal that values nothing except for material goods looted from a store window.  If they are raised with no respect, no values, injustice by locals, and no education then they operate on a base level of lawlessness. 

And don’t think I’m defending the rioter, in fact, I’m warning the innocent people of London that their best recourse might be to run.  When a riot like this occurs then it is poison; even when the police stop the riot, the sentiment remains.  This riot is worse than a political upheavel that can be quelled, it is a cold and bitter thing, it is the fin on the man-eating shark.  

I ran from Los Angeles because I don’t think that city was interested in solutions. Friends in London, In the coming months pay attention to the response to this riot by your local government officials and by the police.  The riots shouldn’t have happened, they should have prevented a climate like this from swelling, but they did, will they fix things now? Will they be interested in reform? Will there be outreach? Education? 

If everything returns to business as usual then get the fuck out of there.



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