Tea Party Republicans vs Juggalos

26 Sep

I used to think Republicans were just assholes, but not until recently have I started to think of them as evolutionary dead ends.  

Their debates have included cheering for people dying and audience members booing a soldier because he was gay.  Weren’t these the same people who tried to guilt the entire country to “support our troops” no matter what?  Didn’t they have Sarah Palin parrot about “death squads” to prevent universal healthcare from happening?

Do they actually stand for anything?  

Here’s a thought experiment, tell me why it is wrong to commit genocide.  Here’s my answer: no matter who you choose to wipe out, you’ll be wiping out something of value, something worth saving, be it culture, values, kinship, art; a group of people, no matter how odious they appear to be, will be worth saving.

Tea Party Republicans are not worth saving. They have no culture, no art, no values to speak of, and they stand for nothing. They are husks of humanity, there’s nothing inside them and nothing of value to them.  Juggalos are worth saving over Republicans.  Here’s a juggalo in case you don’t know: 


They’re some of the worst people in the world: Mysogynists, racists, freeloading, and dirty as all hell, but if a house full of Juggalos was burning next to a house full of Tea Party people it would be no contest, I’m saving the Juggalos because they have some sort of value system that’s identifiable on a very base level.



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