Cynthia Nixon “MY left handedness was a choice”

30 Jan

Cynthia Nixon shocked the world, and by the world I mean some bloggers and a few of my facebook friends, when she said she made the choice of being left handed.  Left handed people shouted back and said she was being ridiculous because, to the best of their knowledge, they were born left handed and any attempt at writing with their right hand made them feel pretty stupid.

Cynthia Nixon rethought it and said that, yes, she was born amBIdextrous, but she hated that label because everyone regards amBIdextrous people to be scummy showoffs.

She’s partially right. AmBIdextrous people are right next to “reality show stars” in the spectrum of people we trust, and it’s sad because they’re people just like everyone else and they’re as trustful as your left handed and right handed neighbors.

Though I’m sad that little amBIdextrous children will listen to Cynthia Nixon and think they have to hide their amBIdexterity because everyone just uses their right or left hand.  Little kid, you are ambidextrous, and it’s time ambidextrous people everyone be out and proud.  When you date a left handed person, don’t pretend to be left handed, because writing with your right hand is also a big part of you.

AmBIdextrous people need to come out because there are some very confused and angry people people who are in right handed marriages who believe, very strongly, that left handedness was a choice. Imagine how their minds will be blown when they find out about you guys.

And right handed and left handed people, we need to accept the ambidextrous people very quickly because the people who write with their feet are coming up right after them.




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