I always thought it was pronounced Whitney HOWstoun

22 Feb

Whitney Houston died in case you didn’t know.

I didn’t even know her funeral would be televised but there I was clutching my used shower towel on the way out of my door looking at her gospel themed funeral on TV with a bunch of opportunists  clamoring for the brief flash of lens.

And Whitney was buried, and let me emphasize that, Whitney the woman was buried, the human corporeal being, and I guess there is where comedians and frat boys are right when they rant that people sad for Whitney aren’t actually sad for the human corporeal being because we didn’t really know…it.

I didn’t know the bang of bones, fine, I admit it, and I’m writing this past the hype of her death to avoid that stigma. And I’m doing it partially because the people who showed up to Whitney’s funeral pissed me off because  one woman on camera was holding a Michael Jackson poster. That’s like showing up to my funeral and showing up with a picture of a guy who was slightly cooler than me (Sean Connery?)

But I also want to honestly confess that the week before Whitney’s death I had been listening to her latest album, her comeback album entitled “I Look To You” as uploaded to spotify.  Her voice was deep, guttural, but also kind of wise, and I recognized one song on it titled “Million Dollar Bill.”

“Gee, that’s the song that’s played in the background of lots of gay bars I’ve been to having inane conversations with Fly G and a bunch of assorted maniacs. I didn’t know that was Whitney…”

 Then I listened to more.  Wow there’s that one song I jammed to “How Will I Know,” I LOVE that song. Then there’s “Saving All My Love For You,” my aunt played this song nonstop when I grew up.

“I Wanna Dance with Somebody” was on repeat for about 25 plays that day.

Then she was dead, but she’d been dead for a while right? Just another life lost to drugs and drink and, really, indifference. 

Here’s to you Whitney. You made a difference. Not a lot of people can claim that can they?

Oh and a bonus, the first song I remember blaring from the speakers from a gay club, back from when such a thing mattered to me, was the Thunderpuss remix of “It’s Not Right But It’s Okay”


Powerful stuff for someone just getting used to their body.

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