Black History Year Announced: Millions Rejoice

27 Feb

February closes out now and so to does another year of Black History Month and Black History Month controversies.  I went to wikipedia to look up Black History Month and found this sad little entry which informed me that this international period of black history observance used to just be a week long.

Which got me thinking, why couldn’t we make this Black History Year? Indefinitely.

Here’s a fairly popular video where race expert Morgan Freeman discusses the race situation with Mike “I’m Jewish” Wallace.

“You’re going to relegate my history to a month?”

He’s right, absolutely right, why relegate his history to a month when we can spread it out as a year-long event.  I always hear about how Black History Month isn’t really needed because black history is American history, and so it should be taught alongside American history.  How do we do that? Well my idea of Black History Year solves that problem.

Think of it:  The first two weeks of every month dedicated to black history, or conversely every Wednesday of the month is a day of black reflection.  If we’re talking about a year-long history course then we can make hump days into black history days where we teach what was happening in the black experience at that point in time.  Are we teaching the Civil War? Is it Wednesday? How were black people coping?

Let’s not stop at Black History Year.  People are right to be concerned on the negligent way we treat other races within the narrative of American history (that of slack jawed onlookers).  What about Latino History Year on every other Monday, Native American History Year on every other Tuesdays, White Woman History Year every other Thursdays.

The days of the week in every instance of every year would be full of educational opportunities.  Surely every single person who has ever complained about Black History Month will rejoice at the possibilities of Black History Year.  Finally the black experience will truly be American History and not just relegated to a month.

Addendum: Another note on the Morgan Freeman video, specifically concerning the last bit where he says “we should stop talking about [race]” in order to solve racism. I think Mr. Freeman has been misconstrued as referring to the royal “we” as a nation, when he meant to refer to, specifically, himself and Mike Wallace.


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