30. People Who Try To Bring You Down Get More Articulate And Stronger As They Age

14 May

When you’re in school you’re taught to walk away from bullies, to never mind your detractors, and to believe that you can do anything.  What they DON’T tell you is that those same bullies grow up and get jobs, become crazed mid-manager level bosses, or write columns and columns worth of essays in major newspapers about how your kind (female, gay, african, etc) is no good.

That’s not even the worst of it. A few of your detractors might actually morph into a more fearsome form of beast, an articulate and charming rogue that makes “lots of good points” about how you won’t

amount to anything, or how women don’t actually deserve equal pay, or how it’s a great idea to do the opposite of what you thought was a good idea, and their intellect and well-researched papers might actually sway you for a moment.

Wait, maybe you ARE a piece of crap!  How wrong you’ve been! Here is this great essay on how you won’t amount to anything. There are references and no spelling errors, so it must be true!

Yes, your detractors will get more articulate, but their arguments are just a facade. Look into those references they published, they didn’t even read them! They’re smarter but they’ve only used their intellect to spread their negativity, and those bad intentions beam through the cracks of their smug exteriors.

Look to the people who made you feel bad, because they’re nothing.


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