What’s A Truth?

15 May

I told my roommate I was writing 30 truths and he looked at me like I was Oprah trying to sell him a cult.
“What do you mean by ‘truths?'”
“You know, truths! Things I learned, things I know.”

When I told my boyfriend he seemed puzzled too.
“Give me an example.”
“Well the first one is that detractors get more sophisticated and stronger as you grow older.
Without hesitation he added, “yeah but you get sophisticated and stronger too…”

I’m sensing a tone here that’s a mix of incredulity and friendly disdain.  Now writing out a list of 30 truths doesn’t mean I know everything. In fact, I want to make it very clear here that this list in no way acknowledges that I know things–more questions may arise from this list than answers.
Why do people get defensive when you start spouting knowledge? I think a lot of people want to see your credentials before you start dropping knowledge bombs before even having seen the knowledge bombs.  Well this list is meant to be a little bit more fun than a stern talking to, and I apologize if I had a tone of now-listen-here-kids because I absolutely don’t want to come off that way.  Maybe “truths” isn’t the right word for this list…how about thoughts? Ideas? Something passive and non-threatening like that would work.


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