28. Don’t Rule Out Fighting Dirty

16 May

I don’t mean domestic fights of the fights you have with your friends or family.  When I say fight dirty I mean the fights in your life that really matter, they’re the ideological struggles, or battles against more powerful people for a better position in life.

I’ve only actually been in three physical fights in my life and two of those were embarrassing (one of them was against a very big Tongan girl who was my deskmate in high school. It involved a lot of scratching).  There was only one full out duel I was involved with against a frenemy during middle school.  Egged on by our close circle of friends, my enemy and I met on the playground battlefield after the school bell rang and most of kids had gone to class.

I was a fat kid so I naturally just pounced on him and stayed on top.  I remember at one point just pretending to ride him like a horsey (not going to apologize for bringing out the gay subtext in duels). My opponent was pretty embarrassed and he never challenged me again, also, he never talked to me again.  He had challenged me and I accepted because I thought that’s what needed to be done, but the rules of a duel were lost on me since Los Angeles in the 90’s was not conducive to gentlemanly fights.

Survival was the keyword of the day, and its served me well.  Don’t be afraid to fight dirty for yourself and for those you love. There’s a time for rational debate and discourse–of course–and there’s a time to be dirty and ridicule your opposition or embellish a resume point.  You get the picture, I’m not going to map out the ways to fight dirty, but just know that it’s fine to do so sometimes.

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