26. Sometimes Science Fails

18 May

I’ve always loved science even as I realized I didn’t have a knack for it. I see the joy that science inspires in people who are too smart for their own good. There are lots of studies that offer morsels of tantalizing truths that hold on to.  I’ve seen studies used like sledge hammers to beat knowledge into the ignorant. Science is fun, dense, intriguing, and can bestow instant authority to someone who uses it in an argument.

Science can also be completely wrong.

Science fails sometimes, often catastrophically.  It’s a valuable tool for understanding the world, but the damages incurred by studies may take years to be corrected, and it could be too late by then.  Recently science failed, driven to failure by Dr. Robert L. Spitzer who recently apologized for having led people to believe that reparative homosexual therapy worked, and this is therapy that has negatively affected tons of people both directly and indirectly.

There’s a history of ugly scientific failures: in gender studies, on race, or with regards to population contron

When I was younger I misunderstood what science was, mistaking it for something closer to the truth than religion, but its more like a powerful form of questioning that–in good hands–can improve minds, but can also just as easily be exploited by people with an agenda.

Learn all you can about science, but be aware of dissenting opinions and of a scientists limitations.


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