Okay Democrats, I’ll Join Your Club #DNC

5 Sep

Like any politically astute young person of the 90’s, I proudly checked off the “Independent” box of my voter registration form when I first registered to vote.  This is the most punk rock thing to do in the face of a really bureaucratic piece of paper asking you to align yourself with a political party.  Being an Independent voter meant I wouldn’t be counted as Democrat because–let’s be honest–as a gay latino the Republicans might as well be the Ku Klux Klan, but I also wouldn’t counted into a party who can be just as corrupt and warmongering (and ignorant) as the GOP.

I was Independent, and in the youth demographic that likes Conan O’Brien, but I’m a swing voter, and I don’t care to be partisan (I also have Disposable Income, hello marketers!)

All that started to change when George W. Bush was president.  You see, the right vs the left was no longer just limited to both sides of the same coin, this wasn’t two people with valid view points arguing their points; this was about my life, specifically about my race, my family, my little sister’s health care, my rights and my partner’s rights as a gay citizen, and my financial well-being.  We can debate points all we like, but there is no debating the well-being of the people I love and my own life.

There are several small little Republican events that were mere blurbs in international news cycles, but these are the things I will never forget; Chick-Fil-A day–organized by Huckabee–where people supported an organization that funds gay hate groups and ex-gay camps, people attending the RNC throwing peanuts at a CNN reporter while calling her an animal because she is black, Akin expressing the Republican belief that women who are raped cannot be pregnant, and Republicans saying explicitly that they want to block black and latino votes.

This is not “another side” of a debate, this is a group that hates me and hates my friends.

My BF, usually politically agnostic, discussed with his mother last night how frightening Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are, and they had a conversation that I doubt either of them had ever had before. As they spoke about politics I filled out my new address voter registration, and I saw the same boxes asking for my political affiliation.

I marked myself as Democrat and I feel the better for it. There is safety in numbers after all.

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