Rob Portman and his supporters can eat a dick

19 Mar
“Really? To me it just confirms that flesh-and-blood relationships are more powerful than studies, rallies, or documentaries. That isn’t a conservative defect. It’s human psychology. In academic circles, it’s called contact theory. It’s how President Obama explained his conversion on gay marriage last May” – William Saletan


“We support your cause, be grateful, be grateful now. Look we’re human, we have the studies to prove it.”

How about this for a concept?  It is not part of human psychology to feel that you have a say in the matter of other people’s lives. This is megalomania. It’s evil at its most basic. I think most people are good in their hearts, and I believe most “yes for marriage equality” votes are actually “yes, and you should have never asked me this because it’s not any of my business.”

But you have a character like Rob Portman moving from a strict anti-gay marriage position towards a marginally better position where gay marriage, and thus, people’s lives, should still be left up to a vote, and I’m expected to fawn all over him somehow.

I feel like the Rob Portman story has touched a lot of people. They see themselves in Rob Portman, see their own struggles with their children, with the issue of gay marriage, and so they want the world to embrace him, and in turn embrace them.

And I don’t care.

I don’t care that you want to be liked, or that you want to vote on everything. You have no say in my life. This isn’t just a crazy belief I hold either, it’s par for the course in American history; from sodomy laws, to interracial marriage laws, the higher courts have frequently invalidated the megalomania of state laws.

Gay lives are not something you can vote on like an inconvenient parking lot built in your town. Saavy? Gay marriage also isn’t some lose / win state where you’re universally lauded for a “win.”  This is a continuous debate, a continuous conversation, even between LBGT folk.  It leads to work rights laws for gay people, for trans people, for bi people. It leads to uncomfortable talks about suicide rates, to homelessness, and even to stuff I was unaware of like gay people having to go back into the closet when they’re put in old folks homes.

Do you know how we can all participate in this? By ditching the middle man. Ditch your need for a personal connection to the issue. Engage people as human beings and not foreign concepts that need to be crushed. Read what your neighbors have to say. Listen.

 Rob Portman might get there someday, but he’s an older man, and he isn’t there yet.

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