George Broussard is the Accidental Homophobe

29 Apr

Despite all of my complaints on twitter, a platform that practically begs to be fed tiny little insults every day, I would like to commend all of sports for not completely screwing up Jason Collin’s coming out today.  It helps to come out when Bill Clinton of all people congratulates you.

Mr. Clinton isn’t not going to make out so great in the gay history books but it looks like he’s trying his best to make amends.

The worst bit of homophobia from Jason Collin’s peers was from Miami Receiver Mike Wallace whose tweet, in hindsight, reveals a lot more about his own stupidity than anything else. I’m convinced that there are straight people who are straight just because they made that choice and not because it was innate, because if that wasn’t true they wouldn’t be accusing gay people of doing this.

I’m only nitpicking. I didn’t see any other major infractions.  Here’s Alphonso Smith being a little high and mighty but it didn’t really cause any alarms.

I can’t help but notice that the only major bits of homophobia came from Chris Broussard, a regular dinosaur in terms of sports.  He’s so old he doesn’t play the sports, he only talks about them. When sports people asked him about this situation he turned into Reverand Broussard speaking from the mountain using his Good Book to denounce the heathens

Here’s an article from Reason magazine defending Broussard’s comments

What I find incredulous isn’t the fact that older folks continue to have problems with homosexuals, I believe many of them will go to their graves clutching at their bigotries, but that they demand that the world, including the victims of their bigotry, embrace their viewpoint. This has utterly fascinated me to the point that I can’t really think of anything else when controversies like this erupt. Maybe they feel like they are becoming increasingly irrelevant, but when I hear Broussard talk I am not convinced that he speaks with conviction, what I hear is a man attempting to ensure that his “views”–however bigoted–are heard, acknowledged, respected.

But these views themselves only exist in relation to how hostile they are to other people. Broussard’s view is only that gay people are lesser. His view is that he has a right to hate on gay people because it’s a biblical mandate. I wish I could burrow into his head and listen to its demon music.

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