When Your Beliefs Are Rude

2 May

Being gay is like having a big sign reading “Be rude in my general direction” pinned on your lapel at all times.

Between Howard Kurtz and Chris Broussard and the man who said Jason Collins isn’t a hero (I won’t even link to him because it’s too much effort) it just seems like there’s a large tribe of folk who will find every sort of idea to pit against you. A few commentators have taken issue with the respective networks and websites of each man for failing to weave the conversation of gayness away from them, but I don’t agree with this, every person is completely in control of what he says, particularly the men I’m talking about.

I want you to imagine a big party and all of your friends are there, but the party is in honor of Steve, your mortal enemy. Steve is such a mortal enemy of yours that your God and his prophet have written into their holy books that Steve and his lifestyle are abominations, the man never pays the money you loan him. With the champagne open and poured, and when the time came to toast him, I turn to you to ask you for a few words on Steve.

Do you now: A) Smile and say that Steve is very lucky to have so many friends around

or B) Take a swig of your champagne and unload all of your spiritual grievances of Steve and his lifestyle.  Call him an abomination and cite your holy book, then proceed to get chased out of the party.

I think most people would choose A, but I continue to see people embarrass themselves by choosing Option B when the big gay party train comes rolling around. Jason Collins’ coming out is like a big gay party, and if you just hate gay people because of the one book said that you should do so, it doesn’t mean you should start yelling about it.

Jesus never said be a party pooper.

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