26 Jun


You might have read about me over the last 48 hours. After the Voting Rights Act was demolished, then DOMA was struck down, many people started wondering about me.

This has never happened before. Ever. Nowhere in the history of my existence on planet Earth have strangers ever wondered about the gay brown/black demographic, and if they did I completely missed it. To be honest with you, it’s a little scary.

But let’s get to the business of proclamations. Like the Lorax, I speak for the gay trees that are brown, and I would like to say, first off, that it’s less important that I am one chromosome and DNA strand away from being Wanda Sykes than I am an optimist. I’ve seen some gay brown people go “Well I hate marriage, I’m a libertarian, blech” and I’m like “just shut up” you might as well ask a white libertarian.

At any rate, I’m an optimist, and it is with this optimism that I hope that the striking down of the Voting Rights act will act as a catalyst for massive voter turnout in the upcoming elections. Brown and Black folk are frequently underestimated but, as in the last election, we read the news, and we know who our enemies are, and I think this will prove to be the driving force behind a surprising amount of voter turnout against Conservatives nationwide.

When the verdict came down, though, I was pissed. I think we’re in agreement in how bogus this is. We know that they know how they kept many black and brown families from voting, and they just don’t care.

As for DOMA, I’m happy, and I will celebrate that. I also urge everyone to celebrate. I know quite a few people who dismiss this as a Cis White Victory, but even that hurts too on some level–you know–because this is my victory too and I won’t have it robbed from me.


The fight continues. It always will. If you’ve made it as far as I have then you understand that DOMA’s fall is as minor a victory as the gutting of the Voting Right’s Act is a setback. In the grand scheme of our lives we will continue to carve out a spaces in a world not built for us, and we’ll thrive. We will be here tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.


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