Counterpoint: Be happy that Ariel Castro is dead

4 Sep

Shaming happens in American society when someone horrible dies, but it’s usually a shaming concentrated on people who breathe a sigh of relief.

Don’t be glad Ariel Castro is dead is a blockbuster example of this. It puts perfectly into words this moral stance that a dead person has escaped their judicial obligations by killing themselves. In this case, Ariel Castro, who you might remember as the man who tried his hardest to destroy three lives.

I can’t even go into the details of what Castro did because the story still makes my hair turn white.  I can’t fathom it. His victims have come out of the ordeal seemingly well-adjusted (to the distaste of some people).

If you don’t have a nice writing gig at Salon then you might be a person who understands that evil sometimes wins. I’m thinking of Trayvon Martin, or Islan Nettles, but I’m also thinking of all of the other names we don’t know about who suffer in silence and slip through the cracks.

If you feel it in your bones to crack a smile or celebrate Ariel Castro dying, then do it. I don’t think it is an unnatural response. Gleam some temporary satisfaction that evil found reason and lost. There’s always some new fresh hell to worry about it, but for now, let it out of your system.


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