#SkipEndersGame Why Do LGBT Ender’s Game Supporters Lie?

9 Sep

I’m going to give Diane Anderson-Minshall’s intelligence the benefit of the doubt and assume that she’s lying in this Op-Ed: Why i’m Going to See Ender’s Game

Did you watch Chinatown, Rosemary’s Baby, or perhaps the queer film Bitter Moon, by director Roman Polanski, the man who raped a 13-year-old? From Mel Gibson, whose hideous anti-Semitic and sexist diatribes are now legendary, to Chris Brown, Cee-Lo Green, O.J. Simpson, Charlie Sheen, Axl Rose, Alec Baldwin, Donna Summer, 50 Cent, Amanda Bynes, and many more, people have committed crimes that range from uttering slurs to rape, battery, and murder…Our mouths say boycott, but our TV remotes don’t always back that up.

The only way Roman Polanski is like Orson Scott Card is if, in an alternate universe, Polanski became board member of an advocacy and think tank hate group known as “team rape” that regularly funded pro-rape propaganda, pro-rape candidacies, and international pro-rape agendas. Diane’s an editor and there should be tons of editors at the Advocate, so in grammar terms this is the difference between the past tense and the past progressive/present tense.

Past tense: He did a bad thing one time.

Past progressive/present tense: He has done a bad thing and continues to do it.

We’re not starting this argument in good faith if LGBT folks who are anti-boycott refuse to understand this distinction.

Beyond trifling details, the argument boils down to whether or not you want to accept some evil with your good. If the makers of Ender’s Game give to gay charities, and win gay awards, then what’s a little poison going to do in that honorable mix? It’s this thinking that enables an embrace of HRC when we know they are transphobes, and it’s this thinking that embraces Dan Savage even as he’s spreading biphobia, transphobia, and racism

Orson Scott Card’s movie can be a good revenue stream for gay folks who have worked on the film, and for gay folks who run magazines and op-eds, so what if other gay people have to suffer? As long as you get your monies and Gay Inc thrives then who cares?

Every single point in the article is to serve the point of view that the collective we of society has to accept the evil of OSC so that we do not “punish” the few who served to make a movie. In order for this to make sense we have to erase the multitude victimized by OSC and by NOM.

This is exactly what the article does. In order to embrace OSC you have to twist yourself into a knot that mimics a decent human being.

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One Response to “#SkipEndersGame Why Do LGBT Ender’s Game Supporters Lie?”

  1. Kyle (@lankyguy) September 9, 2013 at 2:34 pm #

    More pathetic rationalizations and justifications trying to support Ender’s Game from the Advocate? #Pathetic #SkipEndersGame

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