Why Does Barilla Even Have An Opinion on Gay People?

27 Sep


If you’re straight it is not necessary for you to have an opinion on gay people.

All you have to do is be neutral. Why can’t you be neutral? Society already hates gay people, if you’re a bigot, society is doing more than half of the work for you already. Don’t believe me? Think gay marriage is the cure-all for homophobia? Cool, just look around, how many gay advertisements do you see? How many movies end with two dudes or dudettes kissing each other in the rain while triumphant music swells? Brokeback Mountain doesn’t even end that way and that was supposed to be “our” movie.

But it isn’t enough is it? It’s never enough to let society do the work for you, sometimes you just have to have an opinion. This isn’t even wholly an American problem or a problem with corporations, it seems to be embedded somewhere deep in the human condition along the axises of infinite privilege and being a jerk.

People are angry at Barilla and it isn’t because the innocuous pasta company doesn’t want them, they understand that nobody wants them, it’s because “not wanting” someone is never enough, opinions have to escalate, and the bigoted dominant paradigm has to emerge and be beaten back into its temporal rift like a Lovecraftian monster.

Yes this is tiring, but the answer isn’t to drop the idea of a boycott because we would lose the spontaneous communities and sharing of ideas that come from them. The answer might be in investigating the neutrality where all of this bigotry emerges from. What enables a CEO to even think he has a good opinion about families?

There’s your assignment, I expect this question to be answered in approximately: Never.


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