The Daily Show Straightsplains Tolerance for Gays

30 Oct

Using hidden cameras to follow two stunt men posing as a gay couple, Madrigal was able to capture surprisingly positive reactions from the locals in Mississippi, the last state to ratify the 13th amendment to end slavery, and Alabama, the state that “still has segregated sororities.” – Huffpost on Daily Show

When you’ve been in this game as long as I have, when you’ve read anti-gay op-eds straight from their source websites, when you engage with Bryan Fischer for so long that he blocks you on twitter, you start to form an understanding of the forces working against you for equality. You have to know your enemy to fight them.

And a big important something that I’ve learned about the anti-gay forces in America are that many of them don’t have a problem with gay people on a personal level. This isn’t as surprising as one might expect, after all, “I have gay friends” and “I’m not homophobic, but..” are popular refrains.

Put another way, liking a gay person, even rejoicing in our love, does not mean you would not vote against us, it also doesn’t mean you would refuse to vote on our lives if you felt that we should not call our unions “marriage.”

I’ve encountered many lovely straight people in New York City who have told me to my face that states should vote on gay rights and that trans* people in “wrong” bathrooms would make people uncomfortable.


Enter the Daily Show and their little stunt segment where they send a rugged white gay couple into the South and cluck triumphantly that they have found proof that gays will be alright there.

Really? Well in the name of deflating that little bubble of Liberal handwaving and “satire” I will point out that this is BS and proves absolutely nothing. I’m not even talking about a scientific level, I mean that it doesn’t prove anything on a basic level of humor.

People who like you may still vote against your interests and your life if they feel you are rocking the boat a little too hard with demands for equality. This is a basic fact of life in the US and I’m shocked that such an otherwise intelligent program wouldn’t know this.

Here’s an actually informed article about LGBT folks in Mississippi and keep in mind that break-out of applause at the Waffle House when you read it.


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