The way you talk and think about LGBT people is all wrong

5 Feb

Homosexual men/women have never endured a slave trade

Parade planners have said gays are welcome to join the procession, which is expected to draw more than 1 million people on March 17, but they cannot identify themselves in any way by their sexual orientation.

I don’t blame heterosexuals for thinking that gay people are the boys from Looking, sitting together on a lawn having a picnic in the summer, wearing tiny shorts, tank tops, or no shirts at all, perpetually on grindr.  I don’t blame them because these are the gays you can see. Many come from affluent/liberal/conservative/white backgrounds.

It is this affluence that allows some people to have visibility and the backings of lobbys and marriage equality groups.

But Gay, and all of LGBT, they aren’t the boys on the lawn. LGBT is you, your communities and spaces, your poor groups and your rich groups, your ethnic enclaves and WASP groups. Separating LGBT from their own communities is homophobia and hetero-supremacy, and it crosses all sorts of racial and class boundaries. 

Of course gay people have endured the slave trade, of course gay people want to march in the St. Patrick’s day parade, gay people make up all groups, but when we talk about gay people we only look at the boys on the lawn. This isn’t only ignorance, it’s wishful thinking for heterosexuals. The nature of straight/LGBT relationships in the US is one of abandonment and estrangement. The number of LGBT homeless youth in the States is outrageously out of proportion, but even those of us who aren’t homeless are orphaned, neatly excised from our communities either by silence, passive aggression, aggression aggression, abuse, or alienation.

I’ve read a lot of articles that criticize the LGBT community, or that talk about how black gays have it worse than white gays, but rare is the article written from the perspective of embracing and raising the LGBT people in our own communities. That is what you have all wrong.




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