LGBT POC in POC Communities

12 Feb

I worry that the overall feeling of this blog is dire because I tend to only update when I’m compelled to by anger or outrage. I write about LGBT issues only when I feel like something needs to be said and no one is saying it.

But, I’m writing today for the opposite feeling. I’m overjoyed!  Look at this:

The New Black, which focuses on the 2012 ballot referendum on gay marriage in Maryland, is committed to showing that the easy opposition between blacks and LGBT is a false one. In part, it tackles this by foregrounding black, LGBT people, such as Irene Huskens, a police officer who tearfully talks about marrying her partner so she and their children can be a family. But like Lettman-Hicks (who is straight), the film insists that gay marriage and the civil-rights struggle are continuous issues, so the former is central to the black experience in general.

People critique mainstream LGBT movement all the time: it’s exclusionary, racist, transphobic, any number of things, and mainstream LGBT organizations can be those things because what they are are affluent groups. What you see, in an LGBT core group with enough influence to appear everywhere is a people born from the elite with enough money to combat homophobia. The truth is many POC LGBT people join this affluent group because we have been orphaned by our own communities, we are, in a way, pushed to be white before we are gay

There’s a sad but lovely Slate article about a gay man who feels that he must leave Virginia due to homophobia  Rare is the person who doesn’t feel this about a heterosexual community to some degree.

But, there is hope. I see it now in the article about the New Black, in sites like Elixher, and in black twitter intellectuals, many of whom are straight and happy to make room for LGBT folks. The next pressing issue is for communities of every racial and ethnic make up to provide space and love to LGBT people in their communities. This issue is, in essence, attempting to convince all heterosexuals that they need to provide for their own gay children.

Yeah it’s easier said than done, but the results could dramatically shift the LGBT homeless youth problem which isn’t really in the interest of affluent LGBT people to solve, in fact this issue doesn’t belong to them at all. It is an issue for Hetero-LGBT communities, it involves everyone.



One Response to “LGBT POC in POC Communities”

  1. stvrsnbrgr February 14, 2014 at 9:44 am #

    LGBT POC LMNOP OMG WTF! I know inclusion is the goal. I know abbreviation is expedient. (Speaking as a G.) But are we not more than the sum of our acronyms? I fear we are drowning in this alphabet soup. I think I’ll continue this rant on my own blog. But I just want to say, I hear you. Communities, like the people who form them, will disappoint with their shortcomings. Communities are constructs, proxies for the real thing: us. But we cannot fix a community. We can only change this world one person at a time. IMHO.

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