The Gay Mafia or If they were clever they would call it the ‘Mofia

7 Apr

…But they’re not, are they?

First read Who’s Afraid of the Gay Mafia?

Then the Sore Winner Fallacy

I have two points, first, the naming of the gay mafia or of “gay groups” terms so vague that they exist only to absolve the speaker of any understanding of LGBT advocacy groups. After a friend of mine expressed displeasure at the firing of the Firefox CEO and blamed it on gay groups, I asked him to name one gay group, he didn’t. 


Who belongs in the ‘Mofia? Is it GLAAD? They are so slow in their response they might as well be the gay Internet web service provider, not the mafia. The ACLU? They’ve sometimes taken cases to protect anti-gay bullies. 

No one belongs in the gay mafia other than wily gays cooked up in ignorant hetero logic, usually of the white libertarian TV show kind, but to hear them tell it we’re somehow allied with OKCupid, one of the only major sites to protest the Firefox CEO (and last I checked they’re a STRAIGHT dating site for hip urban folk.)

Second point: The vilification of this pretend ‘Mofia is useful for hetero people to bully gay people into respectability. In their minds, a respectable gay is a masculine gender-binary identified man (of course) who exhibits no tendencies towards flamboyance or Pride events. A respectable gay, now that we are still in fantasy land, is an LGBT person who would love to protect straight positions even if those positions are against their very lives. A respectable gay allows his hetero to inflict on him any grave hostility as long as the hetero’s place is secure in society. When the respectable gay is murdered then other respectable gays will make sure the murderer doesn’t get charged with a hate crime.

And what do we get in exchange for being a respectable gay? Straight protection.

Think about it. Straight people have had every opportunity in the world to protect us and they continue to fail. Straight people didn’t know there were NO protections for LGBT work discriminations, they don’t know our organizations by name, they don’t do a thing about LGBT homelessness besides being the cause of it.  

If straight people think they can protect us then I’d like to see them start doing so, but attempting to bully gays into a protection racket sounds a lot like the actual mafia.



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