How Older Truthisms Hurt LGBT Young Folks

23 May

I was nineteen years old (or twenty) when the Editor in Chief of a certain periodical, an older gay man, looked me straight in the eyes and told me with certainty that bisexuals didn’t exist.

LGBT knowledge is passed along this way, casually and with confidence, between peoples of different demographics, but with that one thing in common, either sexuality or gender. “Bisexuals don’t exist” became a truism in my mind until I moved to New York and started dating. New York is filled to the brim with bisexuals who are as unlike to each other as gay people are. I wondered why my older friend believed that and came to the conclusion that it was an idea that must have been helpful in his time.

Think about it, if you’re growing up gay and and you’re being told that your sexuality isn’t real, then you can turn that on its head by pushing back against straight folks who may be bisexual and erase their sexuality. By erasing them, you solidify your own identity.

Unfortunately, the sell by date is expired on that. “Bisexuals don’t exist” becomes an unwieldy weapon, something that hurts young bisexual folks who hope to find themselves in LGBT communities.

I’m talking about this because it seems like elder gays are on a rampage:

RuPaul loves t-slurs
Harvey Fierstein calls Jonny Weir a faggot
Larry Kramer says Truvada is for cowards

With all due respect to the large piles of dinosaur poo that society heaped on all of you, I have to ask elder gays to sympathize with younger folks who have entirely different experiences and outlooks from you. The funny thing is I understand why every single one of the above people believe what they said, but I also don’t think they understand what it is their words mean to younger people.

Rupaul, t slurs aren’t acceptable. I know what you’ve been through and that you have a lot of edgy drag and trans friends who love to reclaim the crap people have called them, but please make room for young trans activists.

Harvey, faggot ain’t cool, come on. I know people have called you that your ENTIRE life but there’s no need to call Johnny Weir that. Young gays are listening. (You can make fun of him without saying that of course!)

Larry Kramer, I know the bs straight society put you and your friends through. I’m deeply sorry. Truvada has the potential to help many communities ravaged with HIV and AIDS, communities that have been long ignored. I’m talking about poor people, black and brown people. I know that you are stronger and braver for having gone through what you have gone, but not everyone else is. Consider them.

That’s it. There’s room here for everyone. Go have a barbecue it’s a three day weekend.


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