In Defense of Lana Del Rey: Death is Cool

24 Jun

[Paragraph informing the reader of the Lana Del Rey controversy they could just easily google, no one cares]

Is death problematic? Is it something to be feared? Yes, death happens to everyone. Since the dawn of time we as a people have been bound together in our fear of death, but there is also another side of our shared human culture that has chosen to “romanticize” death if only in order to quell our own insecurities about dying.

We have made death cool.

Required Louis CK clip in thinkpiece.

The greatest parts of stories are when all the people die. The most emotional scenes in a movie are when people die great deaths, or go out in a blaze of glory. Would Thelma & Louise be as iconic without their end? Would anyone remember Bonnie & Clyde if they hadn’t been riddled with bullets?

I think not.

We romanticize death and revel in its glamour, but is actual death as beautiful? No, of course not, real death feels tragic, messy, it is sudden and it is scary as all hell. Very few people exist in the world who haven’t been–in some way–touched by death, so excuse me if I seem flippant, but the alternative would be to worry about death every day. Artists and creators should feel free to examine and to express death, do not worry about making it more cool. Without death, David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust wouldn’t make sense, Ziggy needed to die a rock’n’roll icon.

Without Death, Jesus would make no sense.

So let Lana be Lana for chrissakes. Don’t fear the reaper.

The best part of Les Miserables is sung by a dying woman FYI




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