Neon Trees and Romancing the Closet

25 Jun

I have a bit of a crush on the lead singer of Neon Trees, Tyler Glenn. He’s like the perfect pop punk prince and he recently came out as gay, to my delight, and also further to my delight I actually like the band’s music (I can’t say the same for Maroon 5. My crush on Adam Levine will have to stay strictly visual). When Tyler Glenn came out I was elated, but also dismayed that gay blogger commentators hadn’t heard of the guy. It’s a cruel secret but a great deal of gay men are seriously unhip.

It’s a tragedy that I have to put it with every day.

I wanted to share their debut album Habits because it struck me as delightfully gay-yet-in-the-closet. It was released  before Tyler came out and it sounds like it was informed by his closet. I’m not even sure Tyler Glenn and the band were conscious of how gay this album is, but then again it looks like two guys are kissing in the cover art. Have a listen, (if you don’t like 80’s inspired pop-punk then turn away now).


“I just don’t understand why my love isn’t good enough.”

Indeed, Tyler.

I’ve got a weird nostalgia for the closet. It sounds gross to say but I don’t know how to describe it otherwise. It’s repressive to have to hide your sexuality but it’s also oddly poignant. Your closeted teen romances just feel more important than other romances because you had to hide them. They burn inside you. The most famous gay movie is of two closeted cowboys so i don’t think I’m alone here.

Also, surviving the closet makes the memory of it feel better. In the future, when kids don’t have to ever be in the closet, this specific nostalgia will no longer exist.


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