Dear College Students, Stop Telling Poor Gays How To Act

9 Jul

Dear White Gays: Stop Stealing Black Female Culture

I’m not sure why, but it is the year 2014 and major publications still think it’s a great idea to publish thinkpieces about how gays should or should not act. It’s a time honored tradition I talk about here where I mention that there is a dehumanization of gay “being” that goes into this tradition, but I didn’t go too into class distinction.

You see, some white gays can be insulting, hooting, and hollering about ratchet-this and weave-that, and, some of these gays are ‘educated.’ Imagine that? Rude educated people! It happens.

But there are some white gays who live in rural areas who are ostracized by everyone in their community, they have no friends because they are too femme, and unlike college kids and me, they cannot “pass,” they are hated, so they make friends with other lonely souls, other black people, women who are themselves shunned in that culture, and they blend together. If they don’t know black people then they cling to starlets, pop stars, yes Beyonce, independent women who flaunt a sexuality that they wish they could flaunt themselves.

If you think this white gay is a fiction then come to New York sometime and you will see them coming in on buses, the teeming masses, mostly boys from Missour-a or deep Florida, and they have big ole affectations that make other gays cringe (specifically white gays from Indiana or the midwest, they don’t have blacks there, mainly too-many-Messicans).

And a part of me feels for them, because it isn’t fair to them to have large publications telling them to “stop acting” a certain way, mainly because all the straights and queers they know have told them the exact same thing.

If your anti-racism is class blind, if it thinks all gay men have the same exact privilege, then I want no part of it. If you wonder why white gays act black and why black gays act white, maybe consider that each of their families don’t want them and do something about it in heterosexual communities.

I’m tired of the hate rained down on gays who don’t act “correctly.” Fuck correctly.

ADDITIONALLY: I would like to point to you to this very transphobic and homophobic article that blames the degradation of black women on “gay men” meaning gay people are currently being accused of both stealing and ruining popular culture. For a moment of bliss, here is trans performer Ts Madison’s response to the article above.


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    […] There have been numerous thoughtful responses to an OpEd piece about gay men appropriating black women’s culture written by Sierra Mannie called “Dear White Gays.” You can find two of the responses that I’ve most respected here and here. […]

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