Nash Grier and the All-American Mistake

14 Jul


It’s maybe worth asking what the “gay community” should forgive Nash Grier for, the Vine video that went viral or the long history of homophobic speech?

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s a popular refrain, but it seems to me like some of our mistakes are more readily forgiven than others. Some of our mistakes are blasted to an audience of cheering like-minded people, and other mistakes are suffered in shame and silence, and it seems like one type of affluent white Christian sort keeps making the same type of mistake over and over and over again, while the rest of us seem to get along just fine making mistakes in private.

It’s boys-will-be-boys, or “she didn’t know better be nice to her,” and where-is-the-proof? sort of mistake. It’s a parent-less error in judgement. It’s an I’m-sorry-I-got-caught. The-gay-mafia-is-out-to-get-me. It’s the All-American mistake like a nuclear bomb with a radioactive decay completely dependent on the magic of forgiveness and wishes.

The All-American mistake isn’t a mistake for me, it’s a placemarker, a sign reading “here lie fuck heads,” and it has served me well.

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