Good Thinkpieces

18 Jul

I’m hurt by this Andrew, (HURT!). How dare you call me a crotchety old man that only wants to dismiss all things I don’t agree with. lol

Okay I’m not actually hurt, but I’m also not actually against THE THINKPIECE. I just like using rhetorical hate-filled flourishes. There are good thinkpieces out there that are good not because one necessarily agrees with them, but because they shift your mind, or allow a new kernel of info to bloom in your brain.

Y’know? They make you think.

I thought now would be a good time to share what I believe to be good thinkpieces. Stuff that has stayed with me.

‘Bye Sierra’: A Slightly Angry Queer Response to the Sierra Mannie Controversy – Liked this one for its tone, it’s sass, it’s a good ole fashioned academic read (and not academic read as in a dry book, but an academic READ darling) and for it’s inclusion of the relationship between black gays and white gay sexuality and for Sierra’s unchecked transphobia via calls for gender rigidity. It spurred further thoughts into the relationships formed between gay femme and trans individuals of the sort who are rarely represented in the media. It also readjusted a lot of things in my mind that I think are important, and others that I think are frivolous.

Postcards From Camp – It’s LONG, but it’s great (that’s what she said). As a young gay who didn’t get camp, musicals, or drag queens this series of articles made me understand a lot about the meaning of camp and why it is that gay men are so drawn to it. It allowed me to embrace a side of gay culture that I wasn’t too comfortable with, and thus, I ended up feeling like I was able to become a much more free and funny individual.

Why Do So Few Blacks Study the Civil War? – I’ve always loved history, but only recently have I been fascinated with individual people’s relation to history and their relationship with suppressed history. Coates writes about things I always suspected about the Civil War but never bothered to find out. It’s personal for Coates, and as a reader I sympathize with his tone. It’s an academic rigor with the soul of an orphan. I mean if you don’t dig all of this stuff then we can’t be friends.

Anything written by MedievalPOC but this was the top hit on Google – Yeah again, history, but it’s personal. Why do academics want to explain away the Black Madonnas, why must their blackness be explained? When I started reading MedievalPOC I started feeling like a small drop in a giant pond. Whatever identifies we claim right now are really temporal in the grand scheme of things. Also history can be written down by some pretty loathsome “race-blind” maniacs.

That’s all. Wow peep those thinkpieces, they were all written out thoughts that make you kinda think. Strange right?

One Response to “Good Thinkpieces”

  1. For Realz Writer July 23, 2014 at 11:45 am #

    This was insightful. I realize the irony of what I’m going to say but maybe you should write a think piece about the saturation of think pieces. Maybe it will make their authors second-guess why they are writing these things and if they should be more pinpointed.

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