Privilege New Game + or Check Your Privilege for Lumps

25 Jul

Just like every American homosexual with an opinion I have my issues with GLAAD like how they tend to push a sort of tunnel vision gay/trans utopia. I do think they are mired in respectability politics sometimes, and that they prioritize the voices of white academic elitists over messier (read brown/black and poor) opinions. So you think Andrea James, who shares similar concerns, and I would be simpatico



There was a horribly nerdy thing that talked about privilege and oppression like a video game. It helped a lot of people, namely shut-in gamer creeps, to start to understand why internet heroes wanted other people to check their privilege (Oh it’s here I found it)

Above, Andrea James seems to want to push for a New Game + amendment to that. If you are a human being who goes outside then you won’t know what that means. Lemme explain. New Game + is when you beat a game then get to start over but with all of your end game stats intact! That means you can potentially kill Aflammor The Dragon God of Never-ending Pustules in one hit with the Sword of Comets that you can only get after beating Aflammor.

I swear I never played D&D.

So if LGBT thinkpieces are gonna go down that path then that means that every gay person ever to have lived still has straight privilege (or behave like they have straight privilge) because we were all socialized as straight. That also means that black trans women retain male privilege because some people treated them as men at one time, though you’ll have to ignore the astronomically high suicide and MURDER rates for out trans black women for that to be true.

Essentially GLAAD has been taken over by people who have the Sword of Comets but who have re-rolled into pale imitations of their end game characters, which is why they are all now currently killing Aflammor and are about to take over the world. What’s from stopping LGBT people into re-rolling once more as other versions of people, and thus, re-starting with even better stats? I could, potentially, carry the sword of Comets, the Arrows of Pain, Max all of my athletic stats, and speak 77 languages by the age of 50.

Thinkpieces truly do make the world make more sense.


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