That Hateful Thing Lefties Do All The Time: Policing Behavior and Victim Blaming

10 Nov

A thinkpiece on Rose McGowan and Gay Misoginy:

But at the end of the day, drag is (usually) men dressing up as women in a way that often opens the door for ridicule, exaggeration, mockery, grotesquery.

This is on an article explaining misogyny in gay men, and the writer, strangely, goes to Drag.

Drag. Urban performance art form mostly practiced by PoC in campy bars. Drag. An art form that LOTS of middle class masc gays hate and accuse of misrepresentation. Drag, used often enough by people who don’t fully identify as cisgender as an exploration into other genders.

It’s a revealing turn because it falls in line with a pattern that I recognize lefties falling into, and since the Dems lost the Senate maybe now’s a good time to turn that particular shiv.

That hateful things Lefties love to do is tell you how to behave with the implied reward of rights and protections.

Here is Obama telling you to pull up your pants

Or a NY Oped telling women not to get drunk

This is what you can call victim blaming where there is no victim. It’s a performance in its own right because it never really explicitly draws a line from behavior to protection, it’s just implied that if you follow the rules, behave, and are a good person, then good things will follow. It erases our defiant spirits, our anger, whatever it may be. I’m not sure if it comes from politicians and is amplified by the media, or vice-versa. It’s a lazy thinkpiece cliche that only buys institutions more time in denying you rights. Have a look as to what the white people of St. Louis think of Mike Brown’s killing.

Or look at how one drag queen was shot at here in New York

But the culture of the stinkpiece is just littered with delaying justice in favor of nitpicking the behavior of people who can’t afford the education of a stinkpiece writer. Relegating a population’s suffering to a dinner party jibe and an upturned nose at impropriety.

Further Reading: Blaming The Victim by William Ryan

EDIT: Right on cue. Thank you Piers Morgan for another shitsample of this that happened as I wrote the above.

EDIT 2: Oh and here is Conservative Ben Stein getting in on the action Jesus H guys I don’t need any more examples. Please stop.


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