All Hail Perez Hilton: Evil Sissy

5 Dec


If this were a thinkpiece it would read “in defense of Perez Hilton” but it ain’t, and you can’t defend him. Perez Hilton is a pug-nosed pixie of malice. A minor Joker. He started as a celeb gossip blogger who treated celebrities with absolutely no respect, and the style was ripped off and made mainstream by TMZ, so he evolved into an adult man-child pariah, a goblin, whose hate flirts with nihilistic glee. When fighting words are flung his way he is the first to show his face, daring you to punch him–and many do. He spouts racism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, every phobia, and offers no explanation other than complete callousness.

And yet, despite all of the above, Perez Hilton’s greatest sin remains his remarkable sissyness. DESPITE his bigotry, his detractors (even gay ones) remain transfixed on Perez Hilton’s faggotry. Every time this motherfucker comes up in the news, I am beset by anti-gay commentary by supposed allies. Yesterday I caught a quickly deleted anti-gay tweet from WomanAgainstFeminism and I got personally into it with Christopher Carbone and his supporters.

Because Perez Hilton breaks the social contract between homos and heteros, that one that goes unstated, the one where, if we behave as masc, then they give us rights, he has now become a figurehead for me. Perez HIlton is a coalmine canary plunged into the darkness of your sleeping homophobia, and when he comes back full of bruises I know something’s up with you.

What’s interesting here is that Perez Hilton isn’t the most evil gay, but he might be the most evil sissy. Because we are plunged in a hatefuck society that demeans the femme; Perez is the biggest target. The scientific racism of Andrew Sullivan  (and his overall lousiness) gets a quiet disagreement from most people. Why? My suspicion is because he is covered in the respectable aura of masc gaydom mixed with white intellectual approval. Andrew Sullivan has probably ruined more lives than Perez, but he does it under orders of heteronormativity, so it’s given the go-ahead.

Tim Cook has an anti-discrimation bill in his name, but his company has lead to death. Death! Perez Hilton could only dream of that villainy, and yet, Perez is the one seemingly at the head of Christopher Carbone’s silly gaytriarchy.

Here’s my point, plain as day, your vile homophobia is showing. All of you. Perez Hilton is a bastard but he’s 1/10 the bastard that our society is. He’s not the Joker that Gotham deserves, he’s the Joker that Gotham needs. And I’m watching all of you.


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