A Million Dollar Gay Fuck Up

9 Dec

Let’s call this article about Chris Hughes what it is: Homophobic (peep the “yuck” tag). And I don’t even like Hughes, or Sean Elridge (or any rich person really), but this sentence puts the whole thing over the top:

One suspects that had this couple been heterosexual and conservative, the initial media attention would not have been quite so toadying.

That sort of sentiment could only come from a worldview so removed from reality that it needs to speak in Fox News language to communicate. How many times have I seen glowing biographies of people (especially heterosexuals) who are mediocre at their job but nevertheless have acquired wealth? How many heiresses? Royals? I’m drowning in them.

We would have no doubt been treated to endless stories about how a “rapacious” “right-wing” millionaire, who had done nothing to earn his fortune, set out to destroy one of liberalism’s great institutions all the while enabling his power-mad spouse to “buy” a seat in Congress. But everything about the Hughes-Eldridge pairing militated against such a portrayal. The prospect of a fresh-faced, conventionally liberal, gay couple hit every media sweet spot.  

Where are these endless stories exposing “rapacious” millionaires? No literally tell me. I would love to read them!

Also we’re conjuring the ghost of the gay agenda here (or the gaytriarchy) that idea that there is a liberal push for gay people, and not that–you know–Chris Hughes is superrich and lots of media folk slobber all over rich knobbers. Just look at his partner in crime Mark Zuckerberg.

Ta-Nehisi Coates gets it

When people discuss TNR’s racism, Andrew Sullivan’s publication of excerpts from Charles Murray’s book The Bell Curve (and a series of dissents) gets the most attention. But this fuels the lie that one infamous issue stands apart. In fact, the Bell Curve episode is remarkable for how well it fits with the rest of TNR’s history.

Why blame the gay agenda when you can blame our rich history of idiocy? Andrew Sullivan is a gay man, but TNC doesn’t go there, doesn’t insist that Sullivan shoulda-known-better, or that Sullivan was coddled by a liberal gay agenda. It’s a matter of fact that Sullivan’s idiocy comes from somewhere, and that somewhere is a history of white supremacist mediocrity.

Continuing on to Chris Hughes

In this sense it is unfortunate to see anonymous staffers accusing TNR’s owner Chris Hughes of trying to create “another BuzzFeed.” If that is truly Hughes’s ambition, then—in at least one important way—he will have created a publication significantly more moral than anything any recent TNR editor ever has. No publication has more aggressively dealt with diversity than BuzzFeed. And not unrelated to this diversity has been a stellar range of storytelling and analysis, that could rival—if not best—the journalism in the latest iteration of TNR.

Cue death drop 


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