My Husband Is Not A Bad Christian

13 Jan

It’s a sign of just how far gay rights have come in America that TLC would be called out for even acknowledging a worldview that isn’t fully accepting of gayness. These objections aren’t about winning legal rights, or enfranchisement, or even civility; they’re about winning total cultural acceptance of homosexuality. – Emma Green, The Atlantic

Wrong, of course, on all counts. A total cultural acceptance of homosexuality would be impossible for a nation that can’t even agree on whether someone (or anyone) is actually racist, so nobody really expects a total cultural acceptance of homosexuality or homosexual acts.

What people do want is accountability.

My Husband is Not Gay is an American television show about how whacky and screwed up Mormons are aired in a nation whose Christians are more than happy to send their own children to ex-gay reparative therapy centers. TLC wants to have their cake and eat it to, to show the ridiculousness of ex-gays but to also do their best not to to blame Christians for their participation in institutionalized reparative therapy.

Christians, and many other religions, groom ex-gays. They teach gays and trans people into self-loathing, then magically offer the cure. The miracle here is that gays exist despite the grooming, but it seems religious people are the least prone to identifying miracles.

Accountability, not total acceptance, would be nice. It would be nice if TLC was honest and wanted to actually critique ex-gay institutions across all religions. It would be nice if Christians accepted their part in the ex-gay movement and threw their voices in supporting ending–not only reparative therapy–but anti-gay anti-trans grooming.

Or we could call them extremists and wash our hands of any responsibility. This is a religious problem. Not a gay one.


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