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Bored little teenager

26 Mar

I can vaguely remember the last time I was bored.

Sure, sometimes you run out of things to do at work with an hour or two left on the clock and I feel restless, or sometimes a video game starts being repetitive and it starts to feel dull, but none of that is comparable to a feeling of dreadful BORINGNESS that I remember feeling being stuck at home with nothing to do but watch TV.

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You can never go home again

31 Aug

My childhood home had been destroyed. I watched google map’s camera targeting an empty field, the location was the address of the complex I grew up in. Arcade Fire’s artsy website has you place your address and creates a plethora of naturalistic images around it, but all I saw were 50’s California style homes in front of a flat abandoned field.

Ah here it is I found it.

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